Locate Healthcare Providers


Healthfinder is a government developed website offering information and tools on health promotion and disease prevention for consumers.

American Medical Association DoctorFinder

The American Medical Association DoctorFinder allows patients to search for doctors (over 814,000) in their areas

American Dental Association Find-a-Dentist®

The American Dental Association Find-a-Dentist® provides an up-to-date list of ADA members by geographic area.

Massachusetts Health Quality Partners

Finding the right provider in Massachusetts is easy. Use this website to compare primary care doctors' offices based on how well they care for their patients.

US Dental Schools

US Dental Schools is a list of accredited dental schools across the country, and many have clinics that offer low cost dental services.


Toothwisdom.org, which is offered by the nonprofit Oral Health America, allows older adults to search for low-cost dental care in their geographic area.